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Altijd en overal toegang tot je klanten

Met SnelCRM heb je via je mobiel altijd eenvoudig toegang tot je eigen klantbestand.


Smart search

Smart browse and search main travel destinations based on personal preferences.


Compare destinations

Hard to choose the right destination? Decide by using our comparison tool.


Fully personalized

The recommendations we make are fully personalized and unique for each visitor.


Social support

Our social recommendations and supportive community guide you to your main destination.

Find destinations based on your personality

Simple, elegant and intutive user interface with intelligent search


You are in a good company

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What people say about MainDestination

Don't take our word. See our testimonials truly provides great benefits for travelers. With the smart search feature it is always easy to find your next travel destination. Surprise yourself and sign up for the beta!

Johnathan Daniƫls
Professional traveler

Some of my clients are looking for inspiration for their travels. MainDestination can offer them a quick comparison and search tool to make the right selection. I'm really happy with their service.

Michael Spartick
Tourist guide

MainDestination is launching soon!

The MainDestination team is working hard on finishing the private beta version of our platform. We expect that the our startup will go public within a few weeks, so make sure to check our website regularly. In the meantime, you can subscribe to our mailinglist to get access to the private beta. Don't miss the next big thing in travel. Sign up now!

Eenvoudig, snel en mobiel CRM systeem.
Direct toegang binnen 5 minuten